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    Warrenton Hobby Shoppe - Monday 26 July 2022

    Rebinding your Remote to your RC Car

    The first question we are going to answer is – what is an RC car remote?

    An RC car remote is the transmitter, it allows you to control the car and it communicates with your receiver (the receiver is your remote-control vehicle). The receiver is located somewhere in your car. Once your car is bound with your transmitter it allows you to control the vehicle remotely. Hence the name remote control (RC) car.

    Why does my RC Car lose connection with the remote?

    There are several reasons why your remote can lose the connection from the remote to the car. Sometimes it struggles to bind for reasons as simple as your batteries are low, there is a loose wire in the remote or car, the remote antenna may not be fully extended/within range, or you could have the incorrect frequency setting.

    How do I get my car and my remote to bind to each other?

    Keep in mind that his procedure can vary depending on the car you have. In general, most cars have a similar way of doing this:

         Make sure the car is off

         Remove the body pins on your car

         Pull the body off

         Look for the rubber piece – pop it off with your fingers

         Hold the set button on the remote – it should flash red

         Hold the button inside (see video) with either an allen key or something small, and push the power button at the same time

         You should have a green light inside the rubber piece and a red light by the power button

         At this point take your controller and ensure it is bound and works properly

         If everything is moving in the right direction – put the rubber piece back on

         Put your body back on the frame

         Put your body clips back in place

         Set it down on the ground and give it a test run

    If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Warrenton Hobby Shoppe, we are happy to help you bind your remote to your car if you are having trouble.


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