Pro Connector Soldering Jig

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Ideal for soldering and all types RC connector
This jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases these connectors for your soldering tasks.
This Jig clamp holds the most RC connectors
Deans T connector
Traxxas connector
EC-2 to EC-5
Deans Micro 2pin to 4pin connectors
Bullet connectors from 2 to 6.5 mm
Magnetic two piece design with alligator clips and solder storage
Two alligator clips style holding clamps for wire.
Wide Aluminum base for added stability
Can be use as motor holder fit both 5mm and 1/8 motor shaft.


One Hot Racing RC connector soldering Clamp jig with alligator clips and solder storage




soldering tip : -
1) soldering iron is must be very HOT!
2) Tin the wires and the connector pins with 60/40 electrical solder
3) Now place the wire and connector pin together with the help of a very hot soldering tip the solder will melts
4) Then remove the soldering tip from the solder join, and let it cool done


The most dangerous is to connect positive and negative wires together creating a short circuit.
1) One of the wires must be properly isolated at all times.
2) Only clamp on one pin at a time from the same battery.